How old must my baby be?
Babies can go into the water for lessons as soon as they are born. The youngest I have taught was just 2 weeks old. I run a special newborn class for babies from 0–3 months. I also teach from 3 months to toddlers, with all the classes split into age appropriate groups. The Department of Health advise that it is not necessary for babies to have their immunisations before they go swimming. Check out the NHS info

What will happen at the class?
Baby swimming classes have a focus on floating and water-play. This enables babies to gain confidence as well as laying the basis for developing simple swim strokes. We incorporate moves that encourage the turning of your babies’ natural reflexes into voluntary swim strokes. As swimming under the water is an integral part of swimming and gaining confidence in the water, submersions are also incorporated into the lessons. However these are only attempted as and when you and your baby are ready. The classes are baby-led and are conducted in an atmosphere that includes songs to make classes fun and help to develop our babies’ language skills.

I don't know anything about teaching babies to swim. Will I feel left out?
Comprehensive instructions are given with careful supervision to ensure the classes are relaxing and stress free for both babies and adults. Most people who join are beginners who have no prior experience of baby swimming so you’ll all be in the same ‘boat’. This is a learning experience for both babies and their mums/dads.

I am not a good swimmer myself. Will I be able to attend the classes?
Absolutely! Our heated pool has a shallow depth throughout, there is no deep end and so no-one will be out of their depth. The classes can be used – if you wish – to develop your own swimming technique and learn alongside your baby. Not being able to swim will in no way inhibit what you will learn, or how fast you will learn.

Do I need any special gear?
No! Just your usual swimming gear will do. All floatation devices, swim learning aids and toys are provided for both adults and babies.

What should I wear?
Adults need to wear their usual swimming costume. Babies love bright colours so if you’re about to buy a new swim suit for yourself choose a cheerful one, this can also help your baby to recognise you more easily.

Your baby will need to wear two layers. I recommend a swim nappy (swim nappies are available for sale at the pool) with a normal baby swimming costume over the top. It is NOT necessary at this stage for babies to have neoprene/wet suits or floatation suits as this prevents babies from finding their own natural buoyancy.

Who can attend?
The classes are open to all parents/carers with a baby. However, there can be no more than two parents/carers in the pool with baby at any one time. There is space on poolside for parents/carers who do not wish to swim but who do wish to watch.

Can I take photos or video?
Photography of your own child is permitted but does require prior permission. No professional photography is permitted. Occasionally we like to use photos from swim sessions on our website but this will only be done with express permission from parents/carers.

Please do get in touch if you have any other questions.