Michelle’s infant aquatic classes are enjoyable, rewarding and have given Tilly and me so much water confidence and many swimming skills over the last year. Together we have learnt how to hold and be held in the water and on the side of the pool, various ways to swim underwater, and what to do before going under, all accompanied by Michelle’s usual creative songs and contagious laughter! It is a great way to spend an hour each week and we really miss it when we can’t go. Every session is a mixture of repeated songs and activities, combined with new skills to learn, using a variety of equipment which the babies love, especially the seals! I have mentioned Michelle’s classes to many friends and lots of them have joined and been very grateful for such a good recommendation. I cannot wait to see what Tilly and I will learn in the pool over the next year...
Amy and Tilly

We LOVE Michelle’s swimming classes. Even though I am a strong swimmer, taking your baby swimming is a different matter altogether and Michelle fills you with confidence. I love her gentle, fun, baby-led approach. I can tell Tom feels completely safe in the water and I’m amazed at how much he has progressed already. The pool is perfect for babies. Thanks Michelle : - )
Lois and baby Tom

Matilda and I started baby swimming when she was 4 months old and both really love it, it is a special time together. The class is very gentle and Michelle helps everyone feel relaxed and confident. Each week I see Matilda gaining more confidence in the water, she loves swimming with her new friends.
Becky and Matilda

Since taking my daughter to Michelle’s birthlight swimming classes, I have seen her confidence in the water improve twofold. The tears we once had at bathtime have stopped and she can’t wait to get in now and splash about, blow bubbles and kick her legs. She even laughs when we are rinsing her hair and the water goes over her face, as she is used to going under the water at the class. The combination of singing and activities in the water is perfect for Holly as she loved Michelle’s Yoga class when she was a newborn (and still does now) so combining this with swimming makes it an even more enjoyable experience for her. So much so that she sleeps for the majority of the afternoon after the class (which makes for a happy mummy). I would definitely recommend Michelle’s classes to anyone considering taking their young babies swimming as

  • The class/group sizes are perfect
  • It’s a nice friendly, relaxed environment in which to meet other mums and babies.
  • The classes improve your baby’s flexibility/mobility (Holly came home from her swimming class after only attending a few weeks and rolled over and over from one side of our rug to the other – this was a first! – she had just been doing this on a float in the pool only an hour earlier)

Claire and Holly

I’ve been taking my little boy Isaac swimming ever since he was 4 months old. He is now just over a year and it’s been lovely watching him gain confidence to the present day. We both look forward to every Thursday and it’s great that other members of the family can also share the experience. Michelle is a fantastic teacher with a great personality – bubbly and friendly, creating a perfect bond between tutor and baby.
Em and Isaac